Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 22

Chapter 22

April fools is the biggest april fools in history. How’s that for april fools?    

“Mister Wu Yan, are you also an exorcist?”    

Isumi felt curious about this.    

Looking at Hinagiku who’s irritated at the side, he can’t help but bitterly laugh.    

“No I’m not an exorcist, it’s just that I have a few powers which enabled me to kill supernatural things.”    

“Supernatural things… do they really exist?…”    

She quickly turn from being angry to a timid att.i.tude. Besides her, Nagi also has the same look, despite trying her best to look tough and failing at it.    

Not sure how to answer her he can only look at Isumi for a.s.sistance. This in turn put her at a loss of what to do, she kept looking around before deciding to change the topic.    

“Mister Wu Yan, where did you find this youkai leader?”    

He just pointed at Hakuo Academy, the trio were surprised at this revelation.    

“You’re saying that you met a youkai leader insider Hakuo Academy?”    

Stunned, Isumi lowered her head gloomily. As an exorcist, she didn’t even notice the presence of supernatural things despite coming to school everyday, how neglectful of her.    

“There’s ghost inside Hakuo Academy, surely you jest, Yan.”    

Her smile looked so forced when she said this.    

Seeing him nod, Nagi was the first to cry out.    

“Like I said, schools are evil, there’s even ghost and the like inside it, it’s the mostmostmostmost vile of all places and Maria still forced me to come here, Waaah, I’m never coming here again..”    

He had a headache while stopping Nagi who’s planning to run away with tears inside her eyes by grabbing the back of her collar.    

“I have already eliminated all the evil spirits within the school so there won’t be any after this.”    

“Liar! Do you take me as a fool?”    

Struggling and yelling, he really wanted to tell her that yes your IQ’s high but that didn’t signify you weren’t a fool, you are the high IQ type idiot.    

“I’m very grateful to you, mister Wu Yan.”    

Isumi gave him a deep bow.    

“If you hadn’t eliminated the evil spirits, they would have harmed innocent people when they escaped, the blood would then be on my hand. Truly I’m grateful.”    

He awkwardly smiled while throwing a tsukkomi inside, moi’s not a hero championing the interest of the ma.s.s, I’m just went there to do my quest, you didn’t need to be so grateful.    

“Mister Wu Yan, where did you slay the youkai leader?”    

In her eyes he saw clearly the words “to expunge one’s humiliation” burning within her eyes.    

“It was in the old dormitory.”    

This is just as well since if she intervened then the root cause would be eliminated. With such a creepy place, he’s worried if it would one day be haunted again, but if it’s her then there’s no better candidate to deal with this.    

“The old dormitory? So the rumor that it’s haunted spread by the students were true?”    

Hinagiku interjected.    

He was rendered speechless at just how dauntless she is. The normla human wouldn’t have been able to accept the fact that supernatural things existed within such a short frame of time. Nagi’s a special case though since her house was haunted before and it was none other than Isumi who took care of it. But Hinagiku is a normal human through and through, having never touched this kind of stuff before, even if she did have some power, being able to accept it or not is another thing altogether.    


Who would have thought she accepted it so quickly, should we say as expected of Kaichou-sama?    

“I see, so the old dormitory was it? I heard this rumor before but never thought much about it. I was planning to go have a look over there in just a few days, I would have never guess there would be a youkai leader there….”    

She can’t help but twist her brows into a frown.    

Looking at her self blaming self he can’t help but ask for forgiveness.    

To make a girl who has a naturally terrible sense of direction make an expression other than a blank one, oh what a sinful man I am…    

“Mister Wu Yan, I will be saying my farewell here. Regarding the old dormitory, just leave it to me for clean up.”    

Listening to that soothing voice, he can’t help but nod making her give off a silly smile.    

Oh yeah, the air headed girl returned to her natural state, urgh, I don’t even know what I’m spouting anymore.    

“Please wait.”    

Before she could turn around and walk into the academy he hurriedly stopped her.    

“May I ask..”    

She turned her head in response.    

“Please, I insist you take this thing (Tl: counter for animals) with you.”    

He pa.s.sed Nagi who’s still flailing around to her.    

“You’re the thing! your whole family’s a thing!”    

Completely forgetting about the thing with supernatural she got p.i.s.sed at him. Kids will be kids, being afraid or angry is like their natural pace. d.a.m.ned to h.e.l.l whenever one pleases.    

Isumi had a large sweatdrop on her head and dragged the Nagi who still haven’t given up on escaping. She hulled her off without listening to her pleas.    

“Saginomiya’s young miss, if there’s any news about the crystal please let me know!”    

He shouted at her as she moved away.    

“I understand, mister Wu Yan….”    

With Isumi and Nagi’s departure, Wu Yan and Hinagiku entered the school compound and the crowd at the school gate began to reduce.    

En route to the clock tower student council office, the two just walked silently without much conversation.    

However, he can feel it, he’s fallen into a mysterious crisis…    

With arms akimbo she walked beside him and stared at him with her jewel like eyes on his face as if she wanted to bore holes in his face.    

Noticing that Kaichou-sama has treturned to her usual state, he didn’t feel happy at this however.    

“Yan, is there something you want tell me?”    

She just gave him a dark smile.    

He can sense the faint smell of tragedy coming down upon him. If he didn’t explain properly something terrible would befall him.    

Dryly laughing his pupil had a flash of light.    

“Wha- what do you want me to say….”    


She shocked him with this cold hmph and just as he thought she would bring out the knives she just went silent with tears at the canthus of her eyes.    

He instantly panicked.    

“Hina…Hinagiku… please don’t cry, please don’t….”    

Turning her head away she wiped the tears off the corner of her eyes while muttering.    

“Am I, Am I that unworthy of your faith?…”    


He was rendered silent by this.    

Looking at him at a loss of words, she became furious, lifting her foot she wanted to run away while sulking but was stopped by a pull from him.    

She was stunned and flailed her arms.    

“Let me go! Let go!”    

He adamantly pulled her back, he knows that if he let her go like this then he absolutely won’t be able to forgive himself.    

Making a woman cry… what a low douchebag…. I am…    

With a jerk, he pulled her within his arms and held her tight.    

She’s stupefied. She was dragged into his arms. Besides her father, she had never touched a boy before, not even hand holding, her father didn’t even hug her before so this is a completely foreign situation to her.    

With this, she completely forgot how to be angry, she anxiously struggled in his arms while not knowing what to make of this.    

“You.. What’re you doing… let me go at once…”    

Going hehehe he teased her.    

“h.e.l.l no I would let go, if I let you go, what will I do if you run away?”    

With her hands on his chest she looked away from his face and was being all tensed.    

“Won’t run, I won’t run so please let me go…”    

Unexpectedly he tightened the hug even more while being shameless.    

“I don’t believe you, who would if you are lying to me right now, We have a saying in China, women are unreasonable.” (Tl: wow, just wow)    


Even if she became upset, there was no helping it, strong as she is, stronger than any normal male, she was no match for level 30 Wu Yan.    

Unable to struggle herself free or convince him, she could only beg him.    

“I really wont’ run, really, so please don’t be like this, other people will see us…”    

“Let them see, f.u.c.k’em!”    

Like a tyrant, he pressed her head against his chest. Once he hugged her like this he really didn’t want to let go of her so he can only act all spoilt.    

Struggling a few more times without any result, she could only yield and closed her eyes. Listening to his heartbeat on his chest, her face was flushed.    

She… this really was a first…    

Smelling the fragrance wafting between her hair, he rubbed her scalp and hesitated before explaining to her.    

“Sorry Hinagiku, but at the moment I can’t disclose the situation to you because I still need to complete a very important mission. But, I promise to spill the beans completely after finishing it.”    

Opening her eyes, she lifted her head and looked at his smiling face, muttering with bright eyes.    

“You said it, don’t lie to me now…”    

Does this mean… she’s forgiven me?    

Laughing joyfully he nodded and half jestingly said to her.    

“Although my integrity is as good as gone, but I won’t do something so shameless as to lie to a girl while hugging her!”    

Listening to him she can’t help but break a laughter.    

“What do you mean by your integrity is as good as gone? Why do you keep spouting weird things…”    

Tilting his head at her.    

“Is that so? But isn’t this fine? At least it can still make you laugh…”    


She lowered her embarra.s.sed.    

“It’s not like I needed you to make me laugh…”    

He drew back the corners of his mouth while grabbing the tender meat on her waist, he tightened his hug and closed his eyes. Hinagiku closed her eyes as well, and the two shared a warm moment in this state.    

Maybe it’s because G.o.d can’t look at this cheesy cliche anymore so he sent an apostle of justice to rescue the damsel in distress.    


With a mournful shout, a mysterious humanoid shape dropped down from a tree not far from the both of them, giving them a big jump.    

She quickly pushed him away while blushing red. He just disapprovingly shot a hateful leer at the individual who disrupted his conquest of a shoujo.    

Short blue hair, wearing a western styled butler uniform with a pitiful countenance, the guy was rubbing his head while complaining. It looks like he’s tightening his hug on something inside his embrace.    

Hayate Ayasaki: (level 16)    

Welp, it’s clear now who’s the c.o.c.kblocker, it’s the MC of the original work.    

“Why did you fall down from the sky?”    

With a 囧 look on his face even Hinagiku’s also looking at him curiously.    

He retorted at him.    

“I didn’t fall down from the sky, I just fell from the tree…”    

Slapping his forehead he powerlessly responded.    

“….Fine, so may I ask of this student who fell from a tree, why did you fell from a tree?”    

Rubbing his head with an awkward air.    

“I was just saving a kitty who climbed a tree and can’t get down, when I climbed up the tree, the kitty attacked me and so here I fell down.”    

After finishing his explanation, he released his hands revealing a kitty and proving he was telling the truth.    

The moment he released his hands, the cat went into frenzy and scratched the s.h.i.t out of his face.    



While she’s feeling sorry for him, Wu Yan was dancing in joy.    

This oughta teach you for messing with moi…    


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