Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Wu Yan is very p.i.s.sed off about getting interrupted when he is conquering a shoujo. But what can he do? Hit the m.o.f.o? He would but this poor f.u.c.k has fate s.c.r.e.w.i.n.g with him since his birth already, and he’s technically a good guy so even if he has the reason to beat him up, it wouldn’t be cool to beat him up.    

But he doesn’t feel right if he didn’t beat him up either…    

Finally, he decided to greet him first and delay the decision until further notice, he is still the main character of the original work…    

Looking at Hayate who’s still feeling the fast and furious scratch of kitty, and Hinagiku who felt sorry for him, he put on a smile before greeting him.    

“h.e.l.lo, my name’s Wu Yan, Chinese. Although I’m a student of Hakuo Academy I am currently a butler, please teach me well!”    

Only after he heard Wu Yan did he responded back.    

“Nice to meet you, I am Ayasaki hayate.”    

Calming down the rioting kitty inside his arms, he forced a smile with that face full of scratches.    

“Ayasaki Hayate, butler of Sanzenin family, greetings, so you’re a butler as well huh?”    

The latter part was referring to Wu Yan because this might very well be the first time he saw another butler of the same age range as him so he’s surprised and curious at the same time.    

“That’s right, I’m currently the butler of milady Hinagiku.”    

He snickered and glanced at Hinagiku when he said so.    

Hayate is even more astonish now, he’s the butler of that beautiful girl?    

Who would blame him for being astonished, just awhile ago he saw quite clearly from the tree that these 2 were hugging each other. He thought for sure they were a couple…    

Unhappy, she glared at him with a blushing face after grasping the vague idea from Hayate’s eyes. Perhaps it’s because she’s unhappy about being forcibly hugged or perhaps she’s unhappy about her introduction by Wu Yan.    

“Well then, Ayasaki kun, what are you doing here? From the looks o fit, you don’t look like a student of this school…”    

After slightly calming down from being fl.u.s.tered, she began to have the curiosity as expected of girls towards this Hayate who had a ‘flashy entrance’.    

Alarmed he quickly ‘let go’ the cat in his hands before apologetically facing the both of them.    

“Actually, the reason I’m here is because milady forgot her lunchbox so I decided to bring it for her…”    

Listening to him he remembered that there’s such a scenario inside the original work.    

In it, because Nagi forgot her bento, he came to Hakuo Academy to give it to her. But due to various rather complicated happenings, like Wu Yan, when he first came to Hakuo Academy he was met with the bat s.h.i.t crazy sister’s uninvinted a.s.sault.    

Too bad however, he didn’t have such a high competence as him, his level and Yukiji’s is just one level . Hence, he didn’t got into school that easily.    

In the end, under the a.s.sistance of the three amiga, he managed to sneak into the school.    

Also, the cat he just saved was originally supposed to be saved by Hinagiku, but because she’s afraid of height and couldn’t come down she was ‘a.s.sisted’ by him (Tl: human meat cushion approach if I recall correctly). Then, he was dragged into the student council as a series of odd events happened around him.    


And now, due to Wu Yan’s influence, the original event that would have built a good start to their relationship was gone. He was feeling quite lucky and his gaze lightened a lot regarding Hayate.    

Even if he has the peach blossom flower luck (Tl:luck with the ladies), he refuse to believe that under the condition of standing on a pavilion close to water (Tl: advantage from proximity to target) and striking first he would lose to this unlucky fellow.    

What’s more, the moment he had with Hinagiku just now was enough to further their relationship beyond a fundamental stage. That and their foundation forged through being together all the time, does that mean conquest is still far away?    

Therefore, Hayate, you open tour crystal palace, I will open mine as well, our well water shouldn’t touch river water (Tl: mind each other’s business). You have a big a.s.s crystal palace, I don’t even have one in it, the one I am conquering is off limits, so you should go away while feeling relieved…    

That’s enough about his internal monologue, Hinagiku on the other hand is getting darker and darker listening to Hayate’s ‘unfortunate academy adventure’.    

“Ayasaki kun, the guard at the gate who wouldn’t let you in and attacked you without rhyme or reason, could she perhaps have been a girl with short green shoulder-length hair?”    

He can see very clearly she’s holding in the anger, he can only sigh inwardly, with such a psychotic sister, one would age very fast…    

Once he nodded, she was instantly enveloped in a dark air making Wu Yan’s heart jump.    

Holy s.h.i.t… Kaichou-sama also know the alter technique? (Tl: 黑化技巧, probably a reference to saber alter, not sure about this, blackenization technique?)    

Dumbstruck and seeing her on the verge of exploding, he quickly pulled her hands.    

“Hinagiku, that’s enough, now that Hayate is already inside, let’s put down the aforementioned matter first and help him locate miss Sanzenin.”    

The dark air behind her disappeared, this is due to her blushing at the sight of him pulling her hands. She turned her head to the side unnaturally.    

“Yo- you’ve got a point, we- well let’s go then, to the student council and then giving Nagi a notification.”    

She took off after finishing her sentence without hesitation.    

Looking at her run, he was at a loss of words while Hayate is still confused about the whole situation.    


“That was really stupid, little Hayate, saving a cat and getting caught, seriously…”    

In the student council room which unlike normal, is completely filled with people at the moment.    

Nagi is currently pointing her fingers at the hard pressed Hayate chanting the words she said just now more than 10 times already.    

Standing beside her is Isumi who’s seems like she wants to say something to Nagi but can’t find the chance to interject. Standing there she kept repeating ‘that… that’ (Tl: あのあの,那个…那个, which means something like urm…)    

Segawa Izumi, Hanabishi Miki, Asakaze Risa the three stooges are also here watching Nagi scolding Hayate with very interested faces. The peanut gallery kept egging Nagi on and looked like they wanted to play as well but they held in their hands… a paper plate…    


Sitting in the corner is Yukiji who’s tied like a zongzi with swirling eyes while Hinagiku snapping at her and spraying saliva at the same time.    

Wu Yan just sat at the only desk in the student council office, Hinagiku’s seat while looking over the ruckus, he can’t help but yawn at this.    

After Hayate was brought here, bats.h.i.t crazy sister came running and laughed manically before grabbing an arming sword used as a decoration to execute Hayate on the spot.    

Seeing Yukiji going insane again, Hinagiku’s pent up anger finally exploded, she grabbed an arming sword as well h.e.l.l bent on ‘close kindred slaughter’ (Tl: read discipline).    

In a battle where one side is raging and another side is acting all crazy, Yukiji was getting very into character and fought harder and harder as if the opponent is not her sister. Although, Hinagiku was raging, she was kind, how can she really fight against her sister with all her heart. In an unfair battle, Hinagiku was almost done in by Yukiji.    

Wu Yan who decided to sit that one out was infuriated by her, you litte hoe weren’t you thinking about your brother in law when you decided to commit internecine strife?    

Twas, a very fierce soul rending, thrilling and pg rated ‘disicpline’ before Yukiji was turned into a zongzi and tossed to the corner of the room.    

After he finished wrecking the crazy sister, Nagi and Isumi arrived along with the three stooges. After an intense QnA, the scene became the ruckus before him.    

He was enamored with this crowd before him, before this when he watched Hayate the Combat Butler, he admired their interactions even though they look like they’re living very tiring days.    

Without a doubt, they are very happy.    

It’s not just the joyous stuff, there’s the sad stuff, the frustrating stuff and after trials and tribulations it would all end in happiness.    

He dreamt of this, as an otaku, this was something he never experienced before…    

But now, well, since there’s this kind of opportunity, let’s properly enjoy ourselves.    

He chuckled before looking at Isumi who’s still at a loss of what to do.    

“Miss Saginomiya, how did the thing with the old dormitory went?”    

Overhearing him, everyone calmed down, he felt odd at why they suddenly calmed down but the sparkly eyes and their expression told him all he needed to know…    

“By old dormitory you mean the one Nagi-chan said, the one with the monster?”    

Going into business, Isumi turned serious, in his eyes of course, she’s still pretty d.a.m.n cute that’s for sure.    

“Yep, the miasma there is quite bad, if not properly managed, it might attract more youkais. I have already sealed the cave with charms. Regarding the cleanup, someone from the family will come and start a ritual, only then could the place be cleansed, but…”    

“”But what?”    

“From the miasma, it seems like they should have been a lot of malevolent spirits there.”    

Isumi turned her eyes towards Wu Yan, along with her gaze, the others looked at him as well, everyone’s eye is on him.    

He simply nodded in agreement.    

“Indeed, before the youkai leader made an appearance, they were a ton of skeletons and Onryos, probably numbering in the hundreds if not thousands.”    


Everyone was awestruck, Isumi’s mouth in particularly was wide agape in shock, looking at him like he’s a giant wearing his underwear inside out.    

He can only bitterly laugh after noticing this.    

“Don’t look at me like that, I believe if you had thought up of a counter measure you would have done it in an easier fashion than me.”    

Undeniably, her family is a big family of witches who deals with exorcism, every power in their body is the bane of all supernatural beings. Even if Isumi and Wu Yan’s level are the same, but because of affinity, compared to him who can only cut them down using sword she would have had an easier time dealing with those monsters.    

An a.n.a.logy would be when using the same ma.s.s of water and the same ma.s.s of cloths against a fire. One could use the cloth to cover the fire and then step on it to put it out, but using water would have put out the fire in less time than the cloth, more efficiently and without leaving an amber behind.    

Everyone’s gaze turned to Isumi, she glanced left and then glanced right before raising her sleeves to cover her face.    

Yes. So many yes.    

Little la.s.s be shy…    

But, a shy Isumi is really very cute. No? Well judging by how Hayate is looking at n.o.body but her and that he’s flushed with his ruffled appearance one could tell just how cute Isumi is.    

Nagi who saw this got mad and swiftly delivered a punch at Hayate.    

“Hayate you little jerk!”    

The punch hit squarely on the side of his face making him cry out in a loud voice while flying backwards with blood coming out of is nose. And then, he slammed against Izumi who’s enjoying the movie…    

The two tumbled on the ground. Guy on top girl in the bottom, like a pa.s.sionate man jumping on a timid girl, like a wolf pushing down a girl, they both looked at each other with deep pa.s.sion…    

Nagi was so mad her face turned a copper green and then rapidly turned dark.    

“You big idiot!!!”    

Looking at this scene where n.o.body but them knows Hayate is being tortured, he’s secretly happy.    

Only when the original main character is unlucky do we have something worth looking at….    


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