Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 21

Chapter 21

After Kaichou-sama made it rain benefits, her originally normal att.i.tude became abnormal.    

How so?    

The past her always spotted a dignified and level headed front. From time to time one can also see her go berserk, ever since he got to know her, except for the few times he managed to make her laugh, he has never seen her blushing face.    

This is normal!    

She became abnormal after having her tofu eaten by him. (Tl: Being taken advantage of, in said case, being seen naked, I don’t see what’s the big deal so I can’t relate)    

Everytime she sees Wu Yan, she would go red without fail. Even after a few days after the event happened, she still hasn’t recovered from the ‘trauma and she would become flushed at first sight of him.    

Moreover, they were pretty cool back then, able to bust each other’s ball while talking. But now, every time they talk, it would basically be him doing the talking and she would just keep her head down and meekly listened to him.    

Now he’s getting a bit anxious because he can’t guess what she’s thinking about. It would get him wondering each and every time for countless times. In the end it always arrive at one sentence: “It’s a girl’s heart, you’re better off not trying…    

And the same thing happened today, after eating breakfast, the two prepared to go to school. Swallowing the last of his meal, he went out of the house only to see Hinagiku standing there waiting for him.    

“I’m done, shall we go?”    

Seeing him walking over, she can’t help but blush stirring him up very deeply.    

What a pure young maiden… it’s been so many days and she still remembers that event….    

This is most certainly a cla.s.sical case of one’s waist not hurting when he’s the one standing and talking! (TL: , talking the talk is one thing, walking the talk is another, arm chair expert, practice is different from theory, it ought be easy to forget the event, but in reality no it’s not)    

Rigidly turning her head away she muttered.    

“Well, let’s go, we’re going to be late.”    

Looking at the sky that has just turned bright for not long he merely responded with a serious nod.    

“Nn, yes we’re going to be late…”    

On the way to school, he kept trying to tease her in an effort to make her laugh but all she did was listening without a peep making him feel very awkward.    

Arriving at Hakuo Academy, she recovered from her ‘stroke’, she was astonished at the presence of someone before her.    

The person is coming out of a super luxurious car, she’s small, and this is not for literary purposes, she’s really small, looks like 12 or 13 years old, blonde hair tied into very long twintails. She has a very nasty look on her face staring at Hakuo Academy, as if the school is an asylum rather than a school.    

Behind her, a girl with hair so black it’s almost blue, wearing a waf.u.ku, the beautiful girl who is more or less the same size walked out the car with her. She’s looking over the twintail in front of her with a gentle face. Using the sleeves of her waf.u.ku she covered her lower face reminiscent of an ancient era’s princess.    


Hearing Hinagiku’s shout, the two looked around and saw an astonished Hinagiku and … Wu Yan who looks like he has just seen a ghost (Tl: the see a ghost here is not surprise or anything like that it’s more like “d.a.m.n! it’s that hoe again” expression of cursing)…    


“Oh it’s just you Hinagiku….”    

The girl called Nagi by her just gave her a casual greeting.    

“What’s up with your expression and reaction…”    

With twitching lips she chastised her.    

“Good morning, Miss Hinagiku!”    

“Good morning, Isumi!”    

That’s right, these 2 are the well known Ojous, Sanzenin Nagi and Saginomiya Isumi!    

Sanzenin Nagi: (level 0)    

Saginomiya Isumi: (level 30)    

Sanzenin Nagi, a sole child of the Sanzenin family, like Lulu she’s doted upon by many. She has a grandfather who always teases her but essentially means well and loves her very deeply. How can he not know of her when she’s number 1 mistress of this world and the mistress of this world’s MC?    

And though the other one is not as famous as Nagi, from Wu Yan’s POV, Isumi’s more interesting than the other one. One can see just how out of the odinary she is with level 30 abilities. She’s just 12 or 13 at most but she’s on the same tier as him.    

This is mostly due to her inheriting the excellent bloodline of her family and having a great amount of spiritual power at her disposal. But can one really expect more bada.s.sery from a 12/13 year old girl?    

He’s thinking maybe she did finish off the youkai leader in the original work. Understandable since she’s level 30, same as the youkai leader. Also her exorcism ability is the bane of all things evil, the black gas he was having so much trouble with could very well have been dispelled with a simple cleansing charm from her.    

Without the protection of the black gas, how can the feeble a.s.s skeleton stand up to a genius girl like herself?    

Maa… the youkai leader conceivably could have ran away, that would have increased its survival chance because this exorcist shoujo is notorious for her air headedness, we’re talking about someone who could get lost in her own courtyard and appear at Sanzenin nagi’s mansion…    

“Who the h.e.l.l are you?”    

Said the tsuntsun twintail shoujo. From the looks of it, it seems she doesn’t even mind if he answers or not contrary to her question.    

“The name’s Wu Yan, Hinagiku’s butler, greetings Sanzenin’s young miss, and Saginomiya’s young miss.”    

He resisted starting a squabble with Nagi and just greeted them properly.    


Now the shoujo’s interested, even the graceful Isumi was surprised at this.    

“You sure you’re Hinagiku’s butler? Not the other way around?”    

Triggered by Nagi’s c.o.c.ksure att.i.tude he is.    

“Hey what did you mean by that, Nagi?”    

Clearly displeased with her statement that implies she’s so barbarically strong she didn’t need a butler.    

“Greetings Mister Wu Yan.”    

Isumi did a very polite bow while saying so.    

Yes! Naturally air headed shoujos are the cutest….    

“I didn’t expect you would come to school.”    

She quip with good reasons. Let it be known that this young miss here is the super queen of truancy who doesn’t come to school more than 10 times in a year. Basically, a home security guard of the highest order…    

“I didn’t want to either, it’s just that Maria has been nagging me to come.”    

She glanced at Hakuo Academy’s gate with a disgusting light in her eyes as if she was molested by a weird uncle here before (Tl: slang for pedo 怪蜀黍).    

He knows the truth is just that this girl didn’t want to go out anywhere. As a glorious otaku young lady, she defends her t.i.tle with much fervor, none can match her faithfulness to this cause, at least within the girl’s crowd.    

This girl uses all her school time to play games, watch anime and mangas. She’s just 13 and she’s already skipped grades to high school so no one’s able to reproach her because she’s just too d.a.m.n smart.    

Well… that applies to Hayate as well…    

Nevertheless, regarding Isumi, he feels like he should get to know her a bit.    

His Mission 3 involves finding the other half of the mysterious crystal, and since this is a part of system’s mission and that it’s called mysterious crystal it should have some kind of mysterious power. And to deal with this kind of mysterious object, perhaps the exorcist family of Saginomiya would know something.    

h.e.l.l, even Nagi could help him since her family possesses an artifact called that can draw out souls. Although it’s now lost, but having another alternative is good…    

Otherwise, where would he even begin searching for a piece of crystal about the size of a thumb in this big wide world…    

Therefore, he decided on the spot to approach these two great deities.    

Retrieving the crystal fragment from his s.p.a.ce ring he approached Isumi.    

“Erm… Miss Saginomiya, may I impose a question on you?”    

A ? floated above her head, she can’t imagine what someone she just got to know would ask her.    

Even Hinagiku and Nagi is looking at him with an odd look coupled with curious gazes.    

Ignoring the two girls who’s out of the know, he just pa.s.sed the crystal to her for examination.    

“Miss Saginomiya, would you maybe know what this crystal is?”    

The white crystal broken in half could be seen to shine with great l.u.s.ter under the sunlight’s brilliance. It was abnormally beautiful even in the light of day.    

“So pretty…”    

It is pretty normal for girls to be attracted to pretty things, even if it’s only a half of its original state the crystal captured Hinagiku’s heart in an instant.    

“It’s pretty cute.”    

To a rich lady like her who could build a swimming pool and amus.e.m.e.nt park at her home. This kind of pretty gems are nothing fancy she hasn’t seen before, it’s not surprising to see her being so indifferent to it.    

“This is?…”    

On the other hand Isumi grew grim and frowned while looking at the crystal in his hand.    

“What’s the matter? Do you know the origin of this stone?”    

He was delighted at her reaction but before he could celebrate further, Isumi raised her head and looked at him with a serious face before shooting him down.    

“No, I don’t know…”    

Feeling his legs give up, he was that close to kneeling to this girl. You say you don’t know but what’s with the grim expression.    


“Even you don’t know?”    

Feeling powerless at her response he can only ask that.    

“Nn, but I can feel a something special from this crystal, it’s as though… there’s some kind of mysterious power within it.”    

Looking at her vexed face he really didn’t know what to do anymore. If the girl says she doesn’t know then what can he do about it?    

“Miss Sanzenin, do you know what this is?”    


Well done, very blunt…    

“Then have you girls ever seen one a similar crystal?”    

He was hopeful for their answer while storing away the crystal.    

But too bad, the two and Hinagiku shook their heads making him very disappointed.    

“Mister Wu Yan, from where did you obtain this crystal?”    

As part of an exorcist family, this kind of artifact with mysterious power ought catch her attention for if it’s something that should it be harmful, it must be managed with due haste.    

“This is what I got after slaying a youkai leader.”    

There was no need to hide anything from her since they’re both individuals who walk the same path, it’s just that, he’s forgetting there’s two other people nearby.    

“Youkai leader!”    

The three’s shout attracked the gaze of many people.    

“Youkai leader, so is it a ghost?”    

With a frightened tone this tsundere precocious supernatural fearing girl asked.    

“Slaying? Did you run off the other day to kill this so called youkai leader?”    

Scared but she felt furious and unamused about the fact that his ‘affair to attend to’ turns out to be a poorly disguised attempt to go kill something.    

“Mister Wu Yan, to be able to slay a youkai leader…”    

Muttering so she looked into his eyes while starting to become intrigued.    

Glancing around at the girls who each gave a different facial reaction as well as the ruckus gathering around them he bitterly laughed inside.    

It was my fault for not finding a secret base or something to discuss this matter…    


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