Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 46

Chapter 46

(Tl: second part of chapter t.i.tle is which translates into a kind of bada.s.s boast with a pompous connotation.)    


The pincushioned great snake monster is still turning and twisting about in anguish. Each time it moves, blood splatters and flow out from its wound, and in its thrashing, it destroyed its own throne and the surrounding hive like structure.    

Its black body has already been dyed red from its own blood, and with its remaining eye it leered with deep hate at the tea color haired girl clad in lightning.    

“Do you hate me?….”    

Mikoto read its thought from the look it gave off, the normally soft hearted her at this moment has turned into a very cool girl with a stern face.    

“Then what of the monsters you called toys, the toys you turned into mob fodder. Who should they hate?!”    

Thunder roared as if echoing her statements. Bluish white lightning turned into a lightning net and under her command enveloped the great snake monster.    

Shortly after, sounds of electrocution exploded, and following it is the hissing of the monster. The net practically grilled the monster as there’s a faint smell of grilled meat in the air along with traces of roasting along the monster’s scales.    

It writhed and struggled so as to get away from the net of pain. This is futile however because the net isn’t a fisher’s or snake’s net, it’s controlled by the calculations inside Mikoto’s head, so long as she computes, the net is here to stay until she stops it.    

The monster is now at a point of despair, it got tortured by Wu Yan and now that it’s in its true form, it was planning on torturing the f.u.c.k out of Wu Yan but just as it startled Wu Yan with its ginormous body this girl jumping out of nowhere threw him back into the maximum fun chamber.    

Even when its subordinates died, even when his humanoid form exploded and now even when he revealed his true form the monster didn’t taste despair but now…    

Just a mere little girl… a little girl! How can I! How can I?! Die in her hands?!!!    


The cry that came out is no longer the cries of agony but feral cries, the monster has completely gone berserk. The only thing in its mind right now is to kill! Kill the girl who brought it much misery!    

It whipped out its tail, as the tail is in motion it brought down the walls and debris in its path as it made its way towards Mikoto.    

With that move, the oppressive wind started blowing towards Mikoto, it almost made her lose balance what with her being less than 40kg.    

Electric sparks flashed under her foot and through attraction force she steadied herself and turned her palm against the ceiling before pulling herself towards it dodging the tail whip.    


Its tail is very long that’s why even if it weren’t as long as the field the tail whip could reach bystanders if it wanted to. But Wu Yan swept Hinagiku off her feet and dodged with a leap.    

Seeing that the two dodged without a htich, Mikoto who is currently suspended upside down on the ceiling let out a relieved breath. She didn’t notice her skirt is following the rules of gravity and the panties that Wu Yan personally put on flashed out. Wu Yan wished he could blind the snake so bad at this moment.    

Hinagiku is no problem since she’s a girl but to be seen by a chuuni disgusting snake is very aggravating. This is unforgivable, the snake must die!    

“Mikoto! Make snake kebab out of the monster!”    

He shouted at her wishing that she would notice her upskirt already, it’s okay if she shows him but don’t show another person, ah, no, a snake…    

“Oh you’re so noisy! Just sit tight and watch me!”    

She waved her hands and shot out two lightning spears. .h.i.tting the body of the snake.    

The spears are quick but they trade up offense power so against a foe of this size the impact is negligible unless it’s a shot to the eyes like the one from before otherwise it’s just a few moments of paralyzed.    

“As I thought, an iron sand attack would be…”    

Not letting her finish the snake’s head rammed towards her. She calmly stretched out her arm and swung like Tarzan to another side. (Tl: raw says tarzan, not improvised)    


The stone wall turned into debris and the rocks rained down. Pulling its head out of the wall it hissed and charged at Mikoto again.    

“Oh! You’re so annoying!”    

The stream of mindless attacks in addition to its size forced her into constant retreat not giving her the time to charge up her attacks. This is frustrating to her because she eneds a commensurate amount of time for bigger attacks.    

Railgun who can’t attack is not a happy railgun, this kind of deadlock would only be enjoyable to Wu Yan who has an…    

“Mikoto do you need help?!”    

He’s dodging the attacks as well with Hinagiku in his arms, from the looks of it he looks like he’s enjoying himself. G.o.d, he really is an uke isn’t he?… (Tl: author, please.)    

“I don’t need your help! I am…”    

“Railgun, yes I know. Hurry up and settle the creep then, railgun.”    

He’s still holding the fact that snake monster saw her pantsu against it, how he wished he could cook the monster.    

“You little!”    

Sparks crackled out and under Wu Yan’s sarcasm she has snapped. Her agro values went max and now it’s focused on the monster.    

Waving her hand at the iron swords still stuck on its body the swords shook and like a vampire began to agitate the wounds onf its body, the sudden jolt of pain killed its momentum and sent it crashing into a pile of rubble no far away as it shrieked in pain..    


She had an ecstatic face as she stood on the ground and pointed at the monster, iron sand poured out turning into groups of sword and then raining down on the monster.    

Flinching at the ‘black needles’ it dodged to the side. It may be fine if it’s death by bleeding out but death in excruciating pain is another matter. Too bad the swords are controlled by Mikoto and thus the swords continued to stab at the monster.    

Dodging by rolling towards the side it then deflected the blades with its tail swings.    

“Stay put!”    

Pulling her hand aimed at the snake, all the iron sand swords were pulled out, The monster sans iron sword had blood spurting out like a geyser, going ‘huahua’.    

Manipulating the iron swords with two hands, the sword coalesced into a big ma.s.s and like a wave washed over its head forming a whirlpool with it at the center in a way similar to black clouds.    


Swords came out of the black iron cloud shooting at the monster.    

If it looked like a porcupine before, it looked like a c.o.c.k now, the swords poured down and made it look like a rooster comb.    

With searing pain coming from its head the monster went into a more frantic frenzy, it didn’t slow down from the amount of injuries already inflicted in fact it became even more fervent in its a.s.saults, like a whip it thrashed around forming mirages and struck against her.    

Lifting her hand the iron sand cloud dispersed and came to her side forming a shield to block the attack.    

The ground isn’t so lucky however, under its attacks the ground shattered into pieces, the ground she stood upon has now turned into a big crater.    

The attacks flowed like raindrop, unstopping. It steeled its resolve to beat Mikoto into a b.l.o.o.d.y pulp, slamming and ramming the shield with its tail it planned to send her to hades.    


The iron shield started giving away, tensing up at the sound. white lightning arced and she pulled herself to the side hastily.    


The shield shattered and the tail slammed down making the crater even bigger than it was before.    

Now she’s really having a headache, the snake is strong for sure but it had quite a bit of distance compared with her, if it were any normal level 60 it would have probably died under the combos she performed.    

However the monster is simply too great in size and the normally lethal iron sand swords that have tasted its blood for lord knows how many times didn’t kill it and the blood that flowed out can be measured in terms of pools instead of puddles, and still it lives and apparently still in combat worthy status.    

To use a game a.n.a.logy this monster would qualify as the most cla.s.sical meatshield, high endurenace high hp…    

At this rate, forget bleeding out, adding a few more holes and letting out more blood probably won’t be the endd of this thing.    

Her other techniques are anti personnel but against this monster the attacks aren’t very effective so they won’t work if the objective is bringing it down.    

Unbeknownst to her the snake monster is relying on going berserk to sustain itself, it is a fact that it hasn’t fell because of its size. A gap of 9 levels is still a gap.    

Berserk, it doesn’t care about its body anymore, as long as she is defeated. If it doesn’t die, then it will now stop attacking.    

And that, is how we have this situation, a deadlock.    

Unless, a one hit kill comes in!    

It just so happens that Mikoto has such a skill!    

Standing on a perfectly fine ground, she glared at the monster who’s turning its head to reaffirm its target. In an instant lightning raged all over her body.    

As the lightning flashed and crackled about her making bright blue flares her hair and clothing began to flutter as if its blown by the wind, ‘biribiri’ reverberated incessantly.    

She stretched out her hand and a coin is seen to be in her fingers, the aimis no other than the monster.    

Tossing the coin, it bounced into the air and at the same time lightning flowed around and outwards towards her locked thumb, it condesned into a white singularity.    

The snake came hissing at her, she ignored it and triggering with her lightning the coin that floated up in the air came down into her locked thumb under EM attraction.    

Giving the snake that’s about to reach her a glare, she focused her gaze and released her thumb!    

An orange light shot towarsd the monster, piercing its brain, its body and it’s tail before flying yonder….    


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