Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 36

Chapter 36


Against the round arc of Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz, the great wolf could do nothing but howl in pain, as its blood flew, the round arc pa.s.sed through it, carrying one of its arm along with it.    


Faced with such a gory scene the two girls yelped.    

Hinagiku is just a normal student before meeting Wu Yan. She killed chickens and fishes before and has seen blood from sport injuries and the like but this scene is still too much for her, it can’t be helped that she’s a bit afraid of this.    

Mikoto on the other hand lives in Magical Index and has the power that ranks just below top tier supers, even then however she lives a sheltered live like a flower in a greenhouse. Living on the bright side of Academy City and as a young lady studying in Tokiwadai high, she never killed a chicken before what can one expect when is confronted with something like this.    

He didn’t show any reaction in response to those 2, he lashed out his sword arm one more time and slashed at the half disarmed wolf.    

He understands fully the two behind him might be sh.e.l.lshocked but his worry will have to wait until the battle is over. Otherwise just a minor careless mistake would lead to him being worrying to the other 2.    

Landing cleanly on the wolf’s body, he gouged a big gap on its body and made blood splatters along with another howl of pain.    

The blood vessels in its eye began to expand as it glared at him, with a furious roar it opened its mouth wide and jumped at his head.    

The distance between the two is less than 2 meters so its mouth was able to reach him in an instant. He ducked his head and dodged its sharp teeths with a hair’s breadth.    

This kind of close quarter combat is nothing to him who had a lot of close brushes with ‘wolves’ like this. Their special characteristic being the more mortally wounded they are, the more violent they are!    

He can’t predict its attacks but he has some basic countermeasure against it so the situation is still manageable.    

Dodging its headchomp once more, he squatted down. With a twist of his body, he spun in the air and stabbed his sword at the wolf’s throat.    

The edge went through its skin and pierced its neck, making an exit gash at the back of its neck.    

Time stood still…    

“He won!”    

Hinagiku celebrated as if she beat the foe herself, forgetting about her fear of youkais and blood, jumping in joy at her current position and happily laughing.    

“Not bad…”    

At a loss of speech at his performance, it’s not on a level someone like her would be in awe but it’s pretty interesting that’s for sure. Mikoto had only used lightning attacks, lightning attacks, lightning attacks or just a straight out , settling the enemy once and for all with her super railgun.    

In this battle, it’s not on her level yet but it showed that there’s alternative styles, in terms of techniques that Mikoto could incorporate into her iron sand attacks. Hence this battle has to her that battle can take many forms and one of them is this…    

The still raw her right now might be high in terms of levels but she may not even be able to beat Fei Fei who’s lower than her by 8 levels. That’s because Fei Fei’s skills are honed and forged through battles in the world of Silvaria where as her strengths come from the result of multiple scientific developments. Fei Fei’s combat prowess is not in the same cla.s.s as her’s.    


From this one could see Mikoto still has lots of room for improvement. Perhaps her level won’t rise much after this affair but her overall abilities will transform!    

He placed his foot against the body of the great wolf and pulled out his blade. He was under the great wolf when it died so the wolf is laid upon him. Needless to say he squirmed to his hardest not to let its blood get on him.    

Offering its body up to system after he pulled out the sword, due to it not having a magic crystal there were no Ability points, he only got some Item points out of this but it’s still better than nothing.    

Surprised at the disappearance of the wolf’s body, the two girls quickly dismissed their notions. With the system, a lot of weird thing happens, it’s just a body disappearing and furthermore it’s not Wu Yan who disappeared…    

“Are you alright?”    

She nonchalantly looked at his body, the brutal scene from before she has thrown to the furthest recesses of her mind.    

Mikoto’s more or less in the same state, if it’s a person she might have felt sick. To this girl, even if the opponent is unforgivable she still has the capacity for forgiveness. If not for this, why would she subconciously aim her railgun away from Accelerator’s vital points even when the b.a.s.t.a.r.d slaughtered her sisters, is this not a show of her kindness?    

However, the enemy this time is not a person (Tl: that’s ) but a bunch of monsters, stunned at the sight of blood for the first time sure but compared to a person, the impact is not that great.    

He felt that this kind of personality against a true foe would be her downfall but this is the real railgun, he won’t be unsatisfied with her like this, if it’s railgun’s foe then it’s his foe as well, if she can’t handle it then I will just have to do the dirty job for her won’t I!    

E…. that has to wait until he gets stronger though…    

“I’m alright…”    

Flourishing his Kusanagi Sword he got rid of the blood on his blade. Seeing as the two didn’t have worrying expression any longer he phewed.    

If he can’t handle something like this then what would he do further down the road ne…    

Just as Mikoto was about to say something, Wu Yan and her were briefly stunned before quickly blocking Hinagiku with a seirous face.    

“What’s wrong?”    

Not sure why the two suddenly took defensive formation, Hinagiku pulled at Mikoto’s shirt while anxiously asking.    

Mikoto and Wu Yan gave each other a glance before bitterly laughing.    

“s.h.i.t is about to hit the fan…”    

In just awhile, shadows of great height appeared, some flew through the air flying around overhead. In a distance, there’s countless figures stirring in the darkness, what’s obvious is that they’re heading here while creating a dust storm. It seems, the enemies are many in number!    

“What’s going on?”    

Looking at the afterimages crisscrossing and weaving overhead, Hinagiku is about to go blank again. These figures look just like the great wolf from before.    

Holding Kusanagi Sword he tensed up and forced a smile on his face.    

“It looks like we have gone inside a nest of monster…”    


Rolling her eyes at him, she retorted at him.    

“Wrong, from the start we’ve been trying to enter the nest.”    

“Can’t argue with that…”    

In a daze from a her retort, he helplessly smiled.    

The shades approached bringing with it a tempest, the dust storm encroaches and the land trembles, the trio had different expression observing this scene unfold…    

Finally, it is here…    

The dust settled and the afterimages stopped, with the enemies announcing their presence with their roars!    

Hinagiku did not show any fear or despair at this. Rather, she has a grin on her face and reflected in her eyes was Wu Yan’s back.    

Mikoto had lightning circling around her, with current bigger than she has exhibited before the ‘biribiri’ crackled on and on, her hairs fluttered around with the electric flow, her tea colored eyes dauntlessly looked forward!    

Grasping Kusanagi Sword and with a faint glow, it drew an arc in the air. Holding the sword with a single hand his expression disappeared leaving behind a composed countenance, unruffled in mind or body like water in an ancient well, still and calm!    

In front of them, monsters of different shape, sizes, strength, sound are all standing there. Their eyes carried within them bloodthirst and their jaws kept opening and closing. Their disorderly roar didn’t show any sign of harmony or order as it echoed in the air.    

This amount, hundreds? Thousands? Tens of thousands?    

They didn’t have a clue because the condition at the back was blocked by the figures standing before them. This terrifying formation could reasonably have scared holes in the gut of any timid person.    

“Hinagiku, Mikoto, you scared?”    

He asked the both of them just to confirm one last time.    

Surprised by this they then laughed in sync.    

Sakura petals appeared in her surrounding and condensed in her hand, slowly transforming into a crystal katana, wielding Shirosakura she gave him a bright smile, and G.o.d was that smile ever so beautiful.    

“How odd, I should be afraid but I wonder why I’m not?”    

The ground turned and tossed and black grains flew out of the rock strata, dancing in the air they flew to Mikoto’s side forming waves of black sand. Standing in the center of that waving and rippling iron sand, she smiled gallantly.    

“Who do you think I am? I’m No.3, the super railgun!”    

Listening to them he just shook his head and had a helpless face, inside however, something hot surged and undulated.    

Stepping back, he clicked around in the air under their curious gazes, two bottles and a few beans appeared in his palms.    

Pa.s.sing the items over to the two he urged them to take it.    

“Take a bottle per person and drink it!”    

They looked at the bottles in a daze, it looks like some golden liquid is flowing within the potion bottles.    

“What’s this thing?”    

“This item is called ‘Resplendent breath’ (Tl:璀璨的呼吸, sounds like tic tacs to me), a protective item, just a bottle and one would be rendered an ‘invulnerable’ (Tl: '无伤') status, so you all should drink it now!”    

“3 hours of invulnerable!”    


They looked at the potions in utter astonishment. Isn’t this tantamount to invincibility? Hinagiku noticed something off.    

“We willd rink but what about you Yan? You not drinking?”    

She can’t find a bottle on him no matter how hard she scrutinized him, she panicked at this.    

He can’t help showing a bitter laugh.    

“Resplendent Breath costs 100’000 Item points per potion, I only have 260’000 Item points on me so…”    

“How can that be, then what will you do…”    

After hearing that she got even more fl.u.s.tered, before she could protest he quickly put a stop to her.    

“Let’s finish this conversation here, drink the thing, the legion is about to attack!”    

Looking at the youkai army stirring, he shouted so and moved himself before the girls while holding his sword in front of him.    

“Yan, I think this potion should be used by you, as long as you don’t die then even if I did I can still be revived!”    

Even Mikoto started panicking, Wu Yan’s basically without any protection, how can she be at ease like this.    

He guffawed without turning his head back, he resolutely declared.    

“Mikoto, logically speaking that would be the most reasonable solution, but let this be known, besides your summoner, I’m a man as well! As a man, how can one shirk the duty to shield women from storms and torrents!”    


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