Shoujo Grand Summoning

Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Looking at the hall filled with skeletons and gaseous snakes, Wu Yan is completely speechless.    

It really is hard to imagine with so many lv10 youkai staying in Hakuo, how can the students of Hakuo still be able to enjoy their comfortable school lives. Logically speaking, these cute little fuglies should have turned Hakuo into a chaotic ma.s.s burial mound.    

Hakuo has a lot of strong individuals, that’s for sure. Like lv18 Hinagiku, her crazy sister also has a lv of 15, those butlers with special abilities should at the very least also have lv 10. Be that as it is, in Hakuo, the majority is made up of normal human, they’re all lv0.    

Against a horde of lv10 youkai army, they won’t even know what hit them…    

In this kind of context, why did they stay here obediently without storming out and creating a big mess?    

Did the youkai leader have other plans?    

Or perhaps… is there some sort of special circ.u.mstances which is stopping them from going out.    


In the air, the general eating crow cawed ominously and the hordes of skeleton and corpse spirit rushed at him. The scene looked like a cavalry charge, it made him let out a drop of cold sweat.    

It’s just a legion of lv10 youkais, but with such a number, he don’t know if he will get lynched to death, but that shock and awe element is definitely there.    

Barely laughing, he tightened his grip.    

In a split second, his position is completely surrounded by hostiles. Decapitating 4 skeletons, he tried retreating but there’s a wall behind him. Backed into a wall, he can only push forward!    

Grabbing a skeleton, he used it as a meat shield to plow his way through. Making a path out of the skeleton mobs, he stopped and flinged the skeleton in his hands at a mob of skeletons, again blasting a bunch of skeletons away.    

Sensing a cold sensation behind him, he jumped, at the same time, a few corpse spirit crashed against his previous position creating a dust cloud. Using them as a foothold, he stepped forward while swinging his sword, cutting down them before making a quick escape from there.    

His previous position is once again a.s.saulted by corpse spirits. He twisted his body and leaped a few times before finding a foothold.    

He turned around and cleaved the mob once more. He’s slightly losing his breath, he had never encountered this kind of encirclement before. He had only ever challenged isolated demonic beast to solo duels before chopping them to pieces, when did he ever have the chance to experience group fights?    

Put into a group battle, he quickly noticed his weakness, he doesn’t have AOE (area of effect) skills!    

Employing hit and run tactics, he really had no other alternatives.    

At this rate, either he gets lynched to death or he will tire himself to death. This endless horde of mobs…when will he finish slashing his way through them.    

Must buy an AOE skill!    

Haggardly dodging attacks, he opened the menu searching for a suitable power.    

The general eating crow looked like it lost its patience and screamed once more. The youkai army then raised their offense intensity like they just took some adrenalin shots. Reflected in his rapidly narrowing pupil, the army slammed against him altogether…    


In the giant underground hall, a big dust cloud was stirred up, covering the entire hall. The whole place fell silent.    


“Chaotic return…”    

A low voice came from the heart of the skeleton and corpse spirit heap. Along with the voice the army started to shake, in the area closest to the center, the skeletons and spirit were minced into pieces.    

“to horizon waltz!!!”    

A giant formless round arc radiated from the center. Be it skeleton or corpse spirit, anything that touched the arc was sliced to pieces, their companions all died in droves turning into on the floor.    

Until one fourth of the skeletons and spirits are wiped out did the round arc finally dimmed down, revealing his silhouette…    

His appearance might appear worn, but he didn’t really suffer any damage, he managed to buy the ability in time to save himself from a pinch!    

Chaotic return to horizon waltz (TL:乱返天际之舞, any better sounding names?): Sword slash skill, using a hard to describe trajectory to move the sword, forming a circular arc slash with the atmosphere around oneself. It can be used as a close range as well as ranged attack, expressed in the form of a qi slash; 5000 Ap.    

He hatefully stared at the skeletons and corpse spirits in front of him. Even for just a moment, they managed to make him feel the presence of death, he had encountered it before when hunting demonic beasts, but encountering and up close confrontation are two separate things.    

G.o.d d.a.m.ned skeletons and fart snakes, just because this young master (TL: 小爷我) is not flipping out, you’re going to treat me like I’m doraemon?!    

Holding the sword with both hands, he raised Kusanagi sword. Leaving a slight trace behind, the invisible atmosphere began to coat the sword, condensing into a light circle around it. He aimed at the place with the most hostiles and swung his sword!    

“Chaotic return to horizon waltz!!!”    

The light circle emitted a brilliant light and shot out from the sword in the shape of an arc. Anything it touched was turned into powder mixed in with the dust swirling around in the air….    

Once again exterminating a f.u.c.k ton of skeletons and corpse spirits, he chuckled and a light circle swirled around his sword once more before being flung out!    

After three times of chaotic return to horizon, he decimated the youkai army and made the giant hall vacant once again.    


Spitting out a tired breath, he looked mercilessly upon the remaining enemy in front of him, the general eating crow that’s still flying furiously around over there!    

Putting some force into his leg, he sprung towards it at high speed. Under the sound of wind pa.s.sing him, he arrived in front of the crow and stabbed it in the chest, spilling its green blood!    


Mewling pathetically, it fell on the ground after he pulls out the sword. Jerking twice, it stopped moving.    

“Ding! Congratulations on leveling up! Current lv is 29!”    

With a light sensation, his slightly fatigued body returned to full status. It’s like he just took a bath in a recovery pool, it feels pretty d.a.m.n good!    

Although a bunch of mooks without a speech line came out and got pummeled into dust, along with the crow that caws and was promptly wasted they gave him a material amount of exp. Though they don’t give much exp being lv10, they made up for it in numbers, even if there’s not a thousand of them, a conservative estimate would put them in units of hundreds.    


s...o...b..lling into a giant ball exp, the last bird was the last sliver of exp required to push him up 1 lvl, he can chalk this up as having a fruitful trip.    

Stepping on the slain crow, he dusted his shoulders before giving it a discriminating look.    

It was pretty good at calling for friends, but so weak on its own. Even those skeletons and fart snakes could ram, you can’t even dodge for s.h.i.t, and you call yourself a person… oh wait, no.. youkai.    

Maybe it’s because his behavior p.i.s.sed off the supposedly dead crow, but the crow suddenly started twisting intensely, it looks like something is trying to crawl its way out of it.    

Seeing as the situation turned sour, he dodged swiftly to the side…    

‘pa’, the crow exploded, spilling its blood all over the floor. With the explosion, streams of dark air starting condensing into a cl.u.s.ter out of its blood.    

With such an odd scene happening in front of him, he was at a loss of what to do.    

What is that thing? Was it due to that thing that the mook crow could command the horde of skeletons and crows?    

What’s for sure, is that this black cl.u.s.ter is not the crow, since he leveled up after killing it, had he not defeated it, the system won’t give any experience, even if it did revive. Only after it has lost its ability to battle does the system grant exp for it.    

In other words, if this black cl.u.s.ter is indeed the crow, then it evidently could still fight, which means it has not lost so there shouldn’t had been any exp granted.    

The black cl.u.s.ter slowly grew big until every drop of green blood has turned into dark air did it stop growing and started condensing.    

Briefly, a gigantic skeleton covered in dark qi appeared in front of him. It looked like the skeleton from before except it’s twice as big as him. The skeleton let out a weird laugh and along with it the dark qi echoed along with it as if it’s alive.    

Youkai leader: (lv30)    

A light flashed brightly from his eyes!    

M2 completion requirement has appeared!    

As expected, a cla.s.sic game scenario, only after clearing out the small fries will the boss appear, this is an ancient truth that won’t change for aeons….    

Lightly cackling, he can feel his blood starting boil up.    

“ah ah ah ah….” Surrounded by dark qi the one size bigger youkai leader derided him as if he’s a clown about to jump down from a bridge (TL: making a fool out of himself, not knowing his place), it is letting its contempt known without holding back….    

He retorted in his heart, I’m not laughing at how fugly you look and you dare laugh at me?    

“Ah ah ah ah…”    

Doing a few somersault in the air it continued chuckling before suddenly dashing in front of him and swiping its gigantic bone claw at him.    

Tensing up, he raised his sword and stabbed at it…    


A monstrous sound resounded from the collide between Kusanagi sword and bone claw. Held in deadlock, a ma.s.sive shockwave spread out from the event center, stirring up a wave of dust. The area around him and youkai leader began to crack radially showing the intense impact of this collision.    

Keeping his sight locked on the enemy, he placed some strength into his hands and with a fling he parried the bone claw away before leaping away.    


Putting a distance between them, he flexed his arms to dispel the numb sensation.    

Should we say as expected of a lv30? Even with a defensive maneuver, his hand still went numb.    

But this should be within expectation, lv 30 is within the range of tier 4. With a tier gap of difference, he is at a disadvantage.    

Him being able to skip tiers and fight higher tier enemies before was due largely to the fact that the skirmish happened on a lower lvl. Tier 2 lv15 vs lv20 tier 3 had a big gap of abilities but it was still amendable by a few other conditions, back then it was his sword and ‘kendo master’ that got him through the crisis.    

Lv25 slime wasn’t using dou qi out of carelessness and he got his hand cut off by him causing the scales of victory to tilt towards him. Had they really fought for real, the lv18 him back them would have to pay a price even if he won.    

Along with the increase in levels, in the later stage, skipping levels to challenge might still be possible but skipping tiers would be impossible unless he obtained a S grade equipment.    

Those discussions are saved for a later time, right now he knows that the enemy is higher than him by 1 lv and just a tier above him. He still can win!    

With ‘kendo master’, ‘impeccable memory’, ‘chaotic return to horizon waltz’, kusanagi sword. All of this factors are with him, with them he’s confident he can do this!    

What amount of exp will you bring me?…    

So he pondered while sneering….    

Sword beams, when “suck blade, motha faka” goes ranged    


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